Ebates Reviews – Is Ebates Legit Or No?

ebates-reviewIf you are a regular online shopper, then the idea of a website that could help you save a couple more dimes from your budget would definitely be a great one. Talking about savings, Ebates is one of the renowned platforms where you can actually earn some extra cash on your next purchase. This is more of a one-stop shop for all your best deals and although it’s a relatively new concept, it provides a new window of opportunity for quality-conscious shoppers.

Ebates Review

Ebates is a cash-back company that rewards online shoppers for shopping at online stores that are affiliated with the company. It offers and easy and painless way to earn a little bit of money. Members can earn up-to 40% cash back on their online purchases from more than 2,000 of the biggest stores as well as specialty boutiques without paying any membership fee. So whether it is women’s or men’s clothing, baby, kids and toys, office supplies, electronics, and computers or even shoes and handbags you would like to purchase at online stores affiliated with Ebates, you will surely have an easy time finding what you could be looking for.

While you might not shop from all the stores, you definitely have a wide range of options to choose from. The stores usually pay Ebates a commission every time a member buys an item and then part of the commission earned is paid to the members. In addition, the company also offers over 10,000 different coupons that save you some cash thereby prompting its members to keep shopping through them from any of their affiliated stores.

How Does Ebates Work?

To start earning extra cash from your online purchases via Ebates, you first need to sign up for an account using your email address. The sign-up process is quite simple and free. After creating an account you will then be given a gift card that is worth $10 for a store of your choice. And to begin shopping, find a store you would like to shop from using the search box, then review the cash back offers available and then click the “Shop Now” button. After you are done shopping, your points will be added later to your account automatically and this process is typically within one to six days.

The cash back will then be officially yours once the 60-days holding period is over. The payments are usually made on set days, quarterly on the 15th of May, August, November, and February either via check by having it mailed to your home-address or via PayPal. However, in order get your cash back payment from Ebates, you need to have at least a balance of $5.

Upside of Ebates

  • All mailing and transaction fees when sending out the cash back payments are handled by Ebates
  • Members can earn over $25 cash back for referring their friends through Ebates’ referral scheme on the first purchases made by them
  • It’s easy and free to use
  • You can easily maximize your rewards at Ebates by simply combining them with coupons
  • Offers great customer service and shopping experience
  • You enjoy in-store cash back as well on stores like Macy’s and American Eagle Outfitters
  • Every cash back offer (s) at Ebates is explicitly displayed and there are no hidden charges
  • They have been around since 2000 so they are not new in the market. This goes to show they are a reputable company that can be trusted.
  • Affiliated with some of the biggest and most popular stores like Amazon, eBay, Samsung Group, Walmart, Kohl’s, Groupon and Macy’s

Ebates Down Falls

  • You only get paid quarterly in a year which is an issue for some members. They feel that Ebates should send payments more often.
  • Delayed or missed payouts for some members but Ebates so far has been handling the problem very well.
  • Sometimes the shopping categories you could be interested in could be limited in number depending on which store you shop. But luckily you can use Ebates from anywhere so long as the store you purchase your items can ship them to you.

Is Ebates Legit or It’s Just A Scam?

No doubt, Ebates is a legitimate way to earn cash back and therefore is not a scam. Many people online have reported successes. However, it is not a get-rich-quick website either. It’s more of an opportunity for you to maximize on your value for money than a side-hustle.

HostGator Review – Not The Best

HostGator is one of the best web hosts online that will do a great job of hosting your website. While they are a shared host with the dreaded “unlimited bandwidth” plan, they will actually work with you to find the best type of package for your website. There are a lot of things to like about HostGator, but there are also some disadvantages that you should consider before jumping in and using this host.


First of all, their uptime is remarkable. Most shared hosts are unreliable and they only have standard uptime rates (about 99.9%). That’s not bad, but what most people don’t realize is that their website is often down more than they know. Uptime is important if you are trying to make money with your website, and you need someone reliable. HostGator’s uptime is about 99.99%, and they will even give you a free month of hosting if it drops to 99.8% or lower.

HostGator also uses cPanel. This is fairly standard, but the cPanel interface is the easiest control panel for both new and advanced Webmasters.

Another pro is that HostGator is willing to work with you as your website gets bigger. Most shared hosts will just suspend your account, but HostGator will contact you to suggest a better package so that you won’t experience much downtime.

Lastly, they have a range of packages. They are best known for shared hosting, but they also offer VPS, dedicated and reseller hosting packages.


HostGator has a good customer support department, but it used to be better. Their wait times are much longer than they were several years ago, and they don’t reply to email tickets as quickly. At the same time, the staff members are knowledgeable and helpful. This is better than most customer support departments that have long wait times and terrible customer service skills.

They starter plan is terrible. It’s relatively expensive for what you are getting, and you can only host one domain. Most people will have a hard time with this plan because it’s so limited, but you can get more power by upgrading.

Lastly, their automated script installer is obsolete. They use QuickInstall, which most hosts abandoned years ago because it only has a few scripts. While you can still install WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, you won’t gain access to many of the other most popular scripts.

Final Verdict

While HostGator does have some of the red flags that are usually indicative of a poor host, like unlimited bandwidth and slow customer support times, they are able to transcend this by offering amazing support, good and varied packages and amazing uptime.

HostGator has been around since 2002, which is a long time in the world of Web hosts. They have served millions of happy customers, and you might be their next happy customer if you can overlook their shortcomings. There are some problems, but the good definitely outweighs the bad.


HostGator is a great host with many features that most Webmasters will love. If you want a reliable host with many benefits, then consider hosting your website with HostGator.

How Do Cash Back Sites Work?

When a customer purchases a good or a service online then instead of going directly to the retailer they can choose to follow a link that gives them an option to avail the same service at a rate that is lower than the maximum retail price. In the coming sections we explore all the aspects of online shopping and cash back sites.

Working of cash back sites

The working of cash back sites is fairly simple and smart. The retailers who want to sell and popularize their service or product contact these cash back sites. These cash back sites get a certain amount of profit from the retailer when a customer access’s the service or product from these cash back sites. Usually what happens is that when we want to buy a product or service then we go on the internet and search or as we like to say “Google it”. Makers of the cash back sites know this habit of yours very well. They make sure that their site is one of the top sites to appear in Google or any other search engine. This is done by using search engine optimization or SEO. They get hold of the popular keywords that people use in order to get that service. Now, these keywords are used in their site at a high density to make sure that there site is one of the top sites in Google to be shown. Every click that you make in order to buy the product is tracked by the retailer and the retailer pays a certain amount of cash to these cash back sites for every click that the user makes. These sites further give a specified amount of this profit to their customers as cash back. The amount that these cash back sites give can vary from a few pennies to £100. This is the reason as to why they pay out.

Whenever you want to get a service or a product from a cash back site you will first have to sign up. This sign up process should be free otherwise you should ignore the cash back site. Most cash back sites have a system of balance that is they only let you withdraw the cash back amount when it reaches a certain or a specific amount. This system is justified since you can’t withdraw cash back amount that is in pennies.

Affiliate marketing and cash back site

In affiliate marketing you promote someone else’s company, product or services by using a special code. This code helps the advertiser or retailer to track leads that are referred by you. If someone buys the promoted product from your site then the retailer tracks the leads and pays you a certain commission. These commissions can be awarded to you either when the person buys a certain product from your site or the customer clicks on the company’s link from your site. The people who are benefited by affiliate marketing are publishers, advertisers and you. In affiliate marketing both advertiser and affiliate become popular. The advertiser becomes popular when the sale of his her product increases and the affiliate’s site becomes popular when more and more advertiser publishes their advertisement on it.

Benefits of using cash back sites

The foremost benefit that a customer gets by using a cash back site is getting the same product or services at a rate that is lower than the maximum retail price.

The second benefit that a customer receives is the ability to save his or her cash back amount. It can be considered like a free savings account from which you can withdraw money whenever you want to.

Overall cash back sites are a good option for customers who want to avail services and goods at a cheaper rate and at the same time save this cash back amount.

Web Hosting: The Different Types and What They Mean

When you look for a place to host your website, it’s impossible not to notice most providers offer a full menu of web hosting options. The most important of these are the different types of web hosting. Not know what they mean? No problem! Read on I will do my best to catch you up to speed.

A Look At Web Hosting: the Different Types

Shared Web Hosting: This is usually among the least expensive types of web hosting. Your web site along with those of other customers are all hosted on a common server. No fear, it’s not something any of your visitors will ever notice. You still have your own domain name and everything is set up and configured separate and on it’s own. You are just sharing space to make your web hosting more affordable.

Is shared web hosting a good option for you? It’s certainly something you should seriously consider if you don’t get a huge amount of web traffic. Paying more money for a more dedicated server is always something you can move to when it’s more appropriate for your web site’s needs.

Dedicated Server: A dedicated server is just what the name sounds like. Your web site has it’s own server dedicated only to your site (or sites). It’s more expensive than shared web hosting, but is a must if your web site is receiving a ton of traffic or if you have more intense security needs that a shared server can’t provide for you.

Logging into a dedicated server is quite similar to logging into your own computer. You are free to load software or nearly anything else you need to make your web site run smoothly and securely.

Virtual Private Server: A virtual private server is a nice cost effective alternative to having your own dedicated server. Your host runs several virtual dedicated servers on their machines greatly bringing down costs. You log in just as you would with a dedicated server and share in nearly all of their benefits, without seeing much of any difference on your own end.

Virtual Dedicated servers are a nice option to consider for medium to larger web sites.

Managed Hosting: Managed hosting is when you have your own dedicated server, but also on top of that the web host has the responsibility of managing your web site. You take care of content, but the software operating system, security, virus prevention and so on are all handled by the web hosting company.

The managed hosting option is the most expensive of all the different types of web hosting and for good reason. You have real professional help and support should you need it. Is this something that you require? Only you can answer that question, but don’t be shy about talking to your web host and getting their thoughts and ideas on the matter too. Knowledge is power after all!

Hopefully this helps clear up any of the mystery behind the different types of web hosting. Wishing you and your web site all the success in the world!

HostGator Coupon Codes – 30% Off

hostgator couponHostGator is known for releasing a number of great HostGator coupon codes. One of their most common coupons was hosting for just $0.01 for the first month, but this has been replaced with a coupon that just makes the hosting free for the first month. They also have a number of percentage and face value coupons.

If you are getting shared hosting, then you can use their 25% or 30% off coupon. Obviously the 30% off one is better. They also have a percentage and face value coupon for reseller hosting, which is perfect if you want to make money by selling their hosting services. These coupons give you either $9.94 off your purchase, or 25% off depending on which coupon you choose.

The great thing is that HostGator is always releasing new coupons, so you can always get a good deal through them. Their pricing is already inexpensive, so you can save a few extra bucks by using one of their existing coupons.

Also, be sure to purchase their longer packages. Not only do they reduce the monthly rate, but it ensures that you save much more money if you use one of the percentage coupons.


Let me start off by saying that HostGator is great. Not only do they have a ton of amazing packages at a fair price, but they also offer many powerful features that the modern webmaster needs. However, HostGator has deteriorated a bit as of late.

Let me explain my thoughts on this before getting into why HostGator is still a great host. HostGator was acquired by EIG on June 2012. EIG is a huge hosting conglomerate that is known for owning and operating many of the Internet’s best and biggest hosts. They tend to offer inexpensive unlimited hosting, and they easily have millions of customers.

That being said, they have had consistent problems that you can see on all of their websites. The biggest problem is support. The support teams are often small, outsourced (as in, non-English speaking) and sometimes have problems helping you with issues that aren’t basic or related to billing.

This problem has affected HostGator. The support team is still very effective, and better than many of the other EIG hosts. However, the wait times are longer now, and the replies aren’t quite as informative as they used to be. You’ll still get the answer that you need, but it takes significantly longer and it might be a little frustrating.

As a side note, while EIG commonly outsources the support teams, HostGator’s support still comes right from Austin and Houston, Texas. This may or may not change in the future, but it seems like it will stay the same.

It seems like EIG has really ramped up the customer base via advertising, but forgot to scale up the support team. Some even think that there were layoffs to improve profit margins, but that hasn’t be proven yet.

Another problem with HostGator that has been around since its inception is that the entry-level package is terrible. It’s great if you have one domain, because that’s all that you can host. it really doesn’t give you enough power if you are a serious webmaster. However, the mid-level and higher packages are easily some of the best around in the unlimited circuit.

Pricing is also a bit higher than other shared hosts. For example, that terrible entry-level package starts at $3.96. You can easily find other shared hosts (both metered and unlimited) that allow you to host multiple or unlimited domains for the same or lower price. Their mid-level package starts at $6.36, which is high considering that the average price for shared hosting is $5 and under per month. At the same time, the pricing is justified considering the many features and excellent support (yes, it’s still excellent, just not as good) that you get with your purchase.

Now, onto the good. HostGator has many different packages; not just shared hosting. They have plans for VPS, dedicated and reseller hosting. They also cater to eCommerce users by offering 1-800 numbers and other essential features.

Money-back guarantees are also a cut above most hosts. First of all, you have 45 days to test their service. If you aren’t happy, then you get all of your money back. Not only that, but if you’re unhappy after the cutoff, then you’ll get a prorated refund. Believe it or not, this is uncommon.

HostGator uses cPanel, which makes managing a website a breeze. While their script installer is a little out of date (they are using QuickInstall instead of Softaculous), you can still install all of the popular scripts in no time. So, if you want to use Drupal, Joomla or WordPress, you’ll be in good shape.

The only problem with cPanel is that it’s a little difficult to reach. However, it’s not so bad that it’s really worth complaining about. Besides, if you have a CMS installed, then you’ll be spending most of your time in the admin section of the CMS and not cPanel. You can also alleviate this by doing all of your admin stuff at once, like setting up your email accounts and moving files (though FTP is better).

Uptime is a real treat. You have to consider this when you’re hosting a site because downtime can kill your blog or business. Despite its importance, most people don’t monitor how often their website is online. Many hosts fall a little short of their uptime guarantee, but HostGator offers one of the highest real uptime ratings among the shared hosts. You can really depend on them to keep your website afloat.

Many people have a positive experience with HostGator. They understand that webmasters sometimes have troubles, and they are more than willing to help. For example, they can help you get your files back if they are erased, or they will help you if there is a hacker. Not only that, but this is one of the most highly recommended hosts among customers.


While it has some problems and it’s not quite as good as it used to be, HostGator is still one of the top hosts. if you want a superior service, great money-back guarantee, a strong customer service team and a ton of features, then consider trying them and their HostGator coupon codes.